Author: wlado

Favorix OS 20.01 Alpha is released

We have released last Alpha version of Favourix OS. This version brings many changes and updates. Main changes: Desktop environment is changed to Cinnamon Pamac is used as graphical package manager instead of Octopi

Favourix OS 19.06 Alpha is released

Today we have released second alpha version. For download please visit this page. Release notes:     Kernel version 4.19.47-lts     Liri-text changed to KWrite     Liri-calculator changed to KCalc     Added tool for writing images to USB  (mintstick)     Changed branding  

Favourix OS Alpha is released

Today we have released first Alpha version of Favourix OS . This version is only for testing and it is not include installer. You can write the ISO to DVD or USB stick and test it in Virtualbox or on real hardware. ISO is available on the Download page. Please report all bugs to our…
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Favourix is near to first alpha

After more than 6 months of preparing favourix packages and testing of software I am ready to build first alpha version. It will be include fully functional live system with basic software for testing. This version will not able to to install on machine and will not include system settings and drivers manager . Release…
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